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The World Premiere of

by Blair Singer
Directed by Mark Armstrong

@ Manhattan Theater Source
177 MacDougal Street, NYC

November 29-December 20, 2009

Mondays @ 8pm
Wednesdays - Saturdays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 3pm
Opening Night: Sunday, Nov. 29 @ 7pm

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Meg, a local New York television features reporter, realizes that, in the age of Obama, she doesn't have one African-American friend. When she meets her best friend's new beau, a sexy African-American yoga teacher, Meg thinks she's found exactly what she was looking for.

The Cast
Rachel Mary Cross*
Ty Damon Gupton*
Meg Megan McQuillan*
Samuel Michael Solomon*

Production Staff
Director Mark Armstrong+
Scene Design April Bartlett
Assoc. Scene Design Laura Taber Bacon
Lighting Design Carolyn Wong
Costume Design Deanna Frieman
Sound Design Isaac Butler
Properties Designer Jamie Bressler
Fight Director Noah Starr
Stage Manager Jeff Meyers*
Producer Gabriella Willenz
Publicist Lanie Zipoy

*Actors and Stage Manager appear courtesy of Actorsí Equity Association
+Member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, a national independent labor union


"Comedy runs on light feet, the gurus of humor say, and Meg's New Friend positively floats! Director Mark Armstrong has crafted a wily, laugh-inducing romp that fits handsomely into the intimate Manhattan Theatre Source. [P]laywright Blair Singer's Meg's New Friend is steeped in detail and immediacy... featuring rat-a-tat dialogue that overlaps with an easy, naturalistic patter. [T]he superb Damon Gupton commands every moment he appears on stage. This is a show worth seeing."


"Topicality is at the heart of Blair Singer's new play Meg's New Friend. The time is now, the characters are immediately recognizable, and the playwright's original theme is of the moment. Singer is a sleek, naturalistic writer [and] under Mark Armstrong's skillful direction, all four performers create convincing contemporary characters: [Mary] Cross with her anger, [Michael] Solomon with his heartbreak, [Damon] Gupton with his smooth talk, and especially [Megan] McQuillan, who presents a detailed portrait of a sympathetic, bewildered woman of 2009."


"Meg's New Friend is really, really funny! The cast is extraordinary, and I simply can't say enough about Megan McQuillan, [who] was masterful with the language, punching and reeling and setting the tempo for each scene. This is a serious look at the world that we're waking up to, a serious attempt to deal with America in 2009... and it's hilarious. You should go see it."

    —Sean Rants

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