The Production Company - An Australian-American Alliance
by Lally Katz
Directed by Oliver Butler

@ HERE Arts Center
145 Sixth Avenue, NYC

December 2-21, 2010

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What does it mean to be "alive" when we spend our lives in virtual worlds? In Goodbye New York, Goodbye Heart, Lally Katz plunges us into a phantasmagorical yet oh-so-recognizable cyber-universe where the living and the dead jostle, time doesnít pass, and food never seems to fill you up. You can download almost anything — even emotions — and the dead still live, but you canít bring them back to the real world... or can you? Caroline, a real live young woman, falls for a suicidal prophet who lives in a virtual simulacrum of New York thatís about to come crashing down like a house of cards. Can she go Orpheus one better and write her own happy ending? Or will she get stuck in a fragile virtual world with the rest of the seekers of the impossible? Along Carolineís emotional journey through love and loss on the edge of reality, Katz offers some intriguing new, up-to-the-minute answers to the question: What happens when we die?


Photos by Julie Skarratt

The Cast
Caroline Nicolle Bradford
Thornbury Ryan King*
Japan Samantha Sherman
Mother Rae C. Wright*
Father Andrew Dawson*
Sally Erin Maya Darke
Claire Danielle Slavick*
Miss Jacklyn Polly Lee*
Kim Ann Lucy Walters*
Andy Brian Robert Burns*

Production Staff
Director Oliver Butler
Scenic Design Valérie Bart
Lighting Design Carolyn Wong
Costume Design Carolyn Hoffmann
Sound Design Asa Wember
Stage Manager Jeff Meyers*
Producer Avi Lipski
Publicity David Gibbs/DARR

*Actors and Stage Manager appear courtesy of Actorsí Equity Association


"It's your classic girl-meets-avatar, girl-loses-avatar, girl-narrowly-escapes-a-digital-apocalypse kind of story...artfully directed by Oliver Butler...The Internet haunts the tissue of Katz's play: She infuses her dialogue with virtual socializing's weird protocols. Characters chirp surface-level banalities or abruptly overshare, spilling their guts about childhood traumas. Acting with a chipper but deadpan style, the excellent ensemble accomplishes the creepy trick of embodying second life's secondhand emotions."

    —The Village Voice

"[Lally] Katz's script puts an elegant if inscrutable digital spin on the spiritual travelogue-a kind of "Delete Pray Love"...Caroline is highly amiable thanks to a nimble performance by Nicolle Bradford...Thornbury [is] played with manic charm by Ryan King. Director Oliver Butler offers a vigorous staging, leaning on sound designer Asa Wember to capture the virtual city's vibe with vivid ambient noise."


"An ambitious play...Goodbye New York, Goodbye Heart poses eerie questions about the future of social networking...Katz's humor and delightful words really shine."


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